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Bishop Flavin Print

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Prints of “Bishop Flavin” are available in 5 x 7 and 8 x 10.

About this Piece

Bishop Glennon Flavin was the bishop of Lincoln from 1967-1992 and was very instrumental in protecting his diocese from suffering through the liturgical and doctrinal abuses which occurred nearly everywhere else around the country, to one degree or another, after Vatican II. While other diocese were closing schools, he was opening them. While other diocese were losing vocations, he was attracting them. His successors have continued to follow his model of orthodoxy, faithful to the magisterium, making the Lincoln Diocese what it is today.

I gave this painting to the School Sisters of Christ the King, a teaching order of sisters founded by Bishop Flavin. Bishop Flavin was very devoted to Christ the King, so I included the statue in the background, which is located at the sister’s convent. This was my first color portrait.

Original Size 18 x 24
Medium Oil Painting on Canvas
Year Completed 2009